Devendra Singh Chauhan

Life is a journey with n numbers of milestones. We need to keep walking, learning and exploring ourselves.

In this journey of exploring, few year back, I got an opportunity to meet a poet inside me. There on another journey started.

Being IT professional and left brain person, never expected to be a writer, but post becoming single father, I witnessed my journey of becoming right brain person and got a chance to meet this me. And trust me, this me is more fine version of me.

This me is also a poet, writer, photographher, painter and trabel enthusiastic.



My brain keeps giving me continuous thoughts and whenever get a chance, I put those thoughts on paper as poetry.

Painting & Photography

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and a friend inspired me to paint.

Accidentally, used camera and people appreciated outcome

Story Writing

Kids are always demanding. My son asked me to tell a story, and here I got few stories.

IT Profession

Everyone needs money at the end of the day to run life, so I am. Working as a leader in multinational IT firm.